Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Getting Started

If you are worried about the pet food recall and wish to start some homemade pet food for your pooch, but doesn't know how to get started ... here some basic information.

A dog needs at least a diet of about 40% meat, 30% vegetables, and 30% starch in the overall meal.

1st of all, determine the numbers of calories your dog need each day base on her size and weight and also her active level. Here a calories guide sample I found online that you can seek reference from. Calories Guide!
A good place to start is to calculate the number of calories that your pooch is currently getting on her regular diet, and adjust from there. Does she seem hungry? Add some vegetables? Is she gaining too much weight? Start watching the number of treats she's getting and if necessary, reduce her overall food intake.

Making the food Appealing
Pets use their sense of smell to evaluate a food therefore the smell must be appetizing. Using savory meats in your homemade pet food recipes will serve well for this.

Preparing the food
  • For convenience, cook your pet’s home cooked meals up to one week’s supply (or more) depending on your choice. *personally feel that 1 week is enough. Any longer, the food might turn bad.
  • Freeze the rest in daily portions separately.
  • Place next day’s food supply from the freezer to chiller compartment of your refrigerator for next day’s meal. Place a note at your fridge to remind you to do so everyday if not, your poor pet has not food to eat.
  • Warm up the food to room temperature with some hot water. Then add necessary supplements such as Vitamin C, Flaxeoil, etc
  • It is best to keep your meats, and vegetables in separate container

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